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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Muse - Leeds / Reading Festivals

There has been major discussion around the line-up of the Leeds and Reading Festivals, mainly negative, but whatever your thoughts in general, there is one massive positive for fans of live music of Black Hole proportions.  Although I like to promote new music, Muse are a band I've followed since the very early days.  While the latter output has admittedly been substandard, "Origin of Symmetry" and "Absolution" are two of the most outstanding rock albums of the 2000's.  It would now appear, to celebrate the anniversary of "Origin" the set Muse will play at Leeds / Reading is to be structured around the album, which can only produce an exceptional and special night of  music from one of the worlds best live bands.  While "Plug in Baby" and "Newborn" have long been staple members of the set list, the reintroduction of "Bliss" "Citizen Erased" and "Hyper Music" has me drooling at the very thought.

I won't be attending Leeds or Reading, but I envy anyone who is, and would suggest whatever your musical leanings, you do your utmost to witness what could become one of the most legendary nights in modern day rock music.