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Friday, 25 March 2011

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

There was a time, not that long ago if truth be known, the idea of an acoustic based singer song writer would have struck fear into my body and sent shivers running up my spine for all the wrong reasons. Conceptions change however, an appreciation of different genres of music develops, usually with age, and I'm now in a position where I can justifiably call my taste eclectic.  

Once again a new artist came to my attention through Mudkiss, when presented with a track "Pictures" to review in February by York born, Benjamin Francis Leftwich.  There was an immediate connection to the melodic guitar intro and when the vocal joined, the shivers up the spine were of the type that also induced a soft, warm feeling throughout the rest of the body.  A thoroughly gorgeous introduction to a fabulous new talent.  

Leftwich has released two EP'S,  while both are of a similar style they are subtly different in tone and feel. The title track in particular on "Pictures" evokes thoughts of Summer days, walking through green fields, hand in hand with your partner without a care in the world. Lilting melodies and the hint of reverb on the vocal only adds to the relaxed ambiance Leftwich so expertly creates, although lyrically there is a slightly darker undertone.

Released back in November 2010 "A Million Miles Out" has an influence of the sea and creates a feeling of distance and yearning as the title of both the EP and songs " Atlas Hands" and "Maps" would suggest.

There has already been substantial support from Radio 1 with both Zane Lowe and Fearne Cotton playing "Atlas Hands" on their shows last year and "Pictures" became The Hottest Record in the World today on Lowe's show earlier this year.

Benjamin has recently completed a U.K tour, appeared at SXSW and is currently supporting Noah and the Whale on a handful of dates.  His debut album is set for release in June and will be suited perfectly to provide a soundtrack to the Summer.  

Without any doubt, 2011 will continue to be a big year in the life of Benjamin Francis Leftwich.