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Monday, 14 March 2011

Assembly put some life back into Indie.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting aspects of being a part of the Mudkiss Team  is being exposed to great new bands. Music I wouldn't otherwise hear, just drops into my in box for my delectation.  Some admittedly aren't great, but "Assembly" certainly don't fall into that category

The band are an amalgamation of two Liverpool bands from the early 2000’s.  After separating and leaving their home city to go to university, each pursued other musical projects, until paths crossed again in London during December 2009. 

They released their first EP, ‘Drinking In The Poste House’ in April 2010, and followed it up with their second studio EP, "The Morning After" in February 2011.

The digital download is available from :

And the CD from

Recently adding an extra guitarist to their ranks, and having played some of London’s most prestigious venues, they've built up a reputation of delivering high energy shows, combining folk melodies with an indie-rock drive. With an increasing fan base, some great press reviews, and an unquenchable thirst for playing live, Musicovered described them as “not being afraid to take risks.  They know how to play up to the crowd and put on great shows! Their material is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!"

The line-up of the band is:

DAVE MELIA - electric rhythm guitar/lead vocals, PETER PAGE - lead guitar/vocals, JOHN O'CONNOR - acoustic rhythm guitar/vocals, DECLAN MCALEESE - bass/vocals, TOM MELIA - drums/vocals

I haven't as yet had the privilege of seeing the band live, but I aim  to put that right very soon.  "The Morning After"  EP is in my Mudkiss March singles round up, so watchout for that coming soonand in the meantime head over to this link for a sample of their infectious indie pop.