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Saturday, 2 February 2013


“We needed to spend some time away from the stave, so to speak.  We released ‘the waspkeeper’ straight after ‘reason & abstract’, it even contains songs from the same sessions, so it was important for us to get out on the road and understand how we perform as a band rather than just four chaps bringing riffs to the table.”  - Hal Sinden (vocals, guitar) 

After two UK headline tours, appearances at Bloodstock Open Air Festival, Norway’s Rocktober Festival, Eindhoven Metal Meeting and a tour of Western Europe as main support to doom metal legends My Dying Bride, talanas now offer a glance at the shape of things to come from their next full length album, ‘daylight’. 

Self-recorded at Central London’s prestigious Berry Street Studio, ‘corpseflower’ is the London quartet’s first venture into vinyl as a response to a clear demand from their listeners.  Taking advantage of the classic format, the band are now afforded a chance to showcase a sense of duality between the A and B sides; as two sides of the same creative coin mirroring their integral approach to songwriting - savage vs. brooding. 
Content that metal as a genre will most assuredly forge on in its purest state, talanas are eager to busy themselves with introducing unorthodox references through which to provide an alternative to the established norm.  From the culmination of musical influences such as Morbid Angel, Woven Hand & Fields of the Nephilim, through to their specific approach to visual presentation & performance, the band are set on re- introducing a sense of escapism and invention to a scene which risks stagnating over political and social commentary. 

Throughout continued touring, overseas shows & press interaction the four band members have come to embrace the burgeoning association for talanas being distinctively British, upholding their given title of “The Gentlemen Of Death Metal”.  Now, combined with their steadily ripening trademarks such as 7 string guitars & basses, one of industry’s largest custom drumkits and a notable band-wide sartorial obsession, the Londoners put forward their own identifiably refined take on extreme music & showmanship. 

‘corpseflower’ is scheduled for release on March 1st 2013 through Eulogy Media Ltd.

Check out that kit, the sartorial elegance and sheer unadulterated power of talanas via the medium of YouTube. Pt 1 of their Western European tour diary with My Dying Bride below.