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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Interview with Manchester Progressive Metallers - Incassum

For a band formed in 2004, with just 2008’s “In Vain” EP to show from a studio perspective, the debut, full length album “Rite of Passage” scheduled for release in November outlines the sheer bloody minded commitment shown by Incassum. Where many would long ago have fallen by the wayside the Mancunian Progressive Death Metal quintet soldiered on regardless, bolstered by an enviable live reputation and a deep rooted belief in their own abilities. These elements obviously recognised by Rocksector Records, recently signing the band to their roster, providing a timely outlet.

Stimulated by a free download of “Blood Soaked Banner” available at the Rocksector Soundcloud Page, Mudkiss quizzed drummer John Curran about the forthcoming release, gigs and plans for the future.

Check out the full interview below